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Video, colour, 02’23’’

What would happen if chewing gum would be used as building material instead of concrete? Five years
are needed in order to degrade a single chewing gum, but we still go on in throwing them on the streets
or on walls: (C4H6O2)n changes the past to think about an alternative future. Photographies come from family albums of the artist parents e concern their youth, their first travels, honeymoon, in a time when Apulia was still absorbed in the rural culture. Nostalgic and carefree atmospheres mutate starting from the landscape, true subject of the pictures, with the gesture of covering built environment with chewing gum.

It has been computed that Italy consumes 23k tons of chewing gum every year. It would cost Rome 5 million euros per year in order to clean up the city from chewing gums. It already costs England 240 million euros per year (13 million euros per year only for London) and Germany 900 million euros per year.

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