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Video, colour, sound, 02’04’’

Demigrare is a documentary video that uses science-fiction elements to question the Italian Security Decree of 2018. Original footage was recorded during the protest of December the 1st in Milan, a protest against CPR (Detention Centers for Repatriation). A robot voice interferes with the video, creating glitches and reciting a poem by African activist Ken Saro-Wiwa.

On November 27 2018 the Italian Parliament approved ddl 840/2018, the so-called Security Decree, that provides dramatic changes and that has been already considered unconstitutional. Abolition of humanitarian protection, additional retention in CPR until 180 days, exclusion from coach register for people asking political asylum, possibility to revoke citizenship to foreigners that regularly obtained it: these are only some of the aspects introduced by the Decree.

Watch here

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