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Milano Lato B (Milan Side B)


Sound installation: webradio, 21 musicassettes with their cases, cassette player, 6 prints on paper

In Milano Lato B the grey and submerged culture of the Italian suburbs is opposed to pop culture within a delimited space, where a sound archive and research materials are present. The archive includes both Qur’an and easy listening audiocassettes. On the B sides of the latter, interviews with Muslim people from the Giambellino zone in Milan have been recorded. In addition, the sound archive was present on a webradio during the exhibition days. Within the physical space it was asked to respect cultural norms coming from the content played by the cassette player.

The installation was born as answer to the motion passed by Lombardy regional council, which provides: census of mosques, installation of surveillance cameras outside places of worship and creation of an imam register.

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