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2020 - ongoing

Videoinstallation, fanzine, radio, slideshow, DAO platform

P2D means peer-to-delivery and is a dispositive of decentralization that uses smart contracts to provide bike delivery riders a fair-trade platform to work with, in the form of a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).


The project includes:

a videoinstallation made of a slideshow and scenographic elements;

a fanzine to distribute to riders and among riders, which promotes Dining Chair Activism;

a radio, hosted soon by ZAM Zona Autonoma Milano.


It is a project of speculative design to experiment non-hierarchical exchange forms, based on peer production and tech for good.

The idea comes from the protests of the last years carried on by delivery riders, who complain about inhuman working conditions they are subject to by delivery giants. Riders ask for minimum hour compensation, abolition of piecework payment and a national collective agreement.


The urgency is, in this first phase, to design a participative contract that can meet the needs of delivery riders. While further steps will consist in the creation of a horizontal platform and in an exhibition realised as a temporary hub for delivery riders.

P2D foresees that a series of workshops which will serve both to write a legally valid smart contract.

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