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Web platform, archive materials

SVAT is a project on collective reenactment of a lost memory: Chianti's tramway, which lived between 1890 and the first half of XX Century.

The project includes a website where, by retracing the tramway's stops, users can meet photographs, archive materials and video-interviews where participants tell their - direct and indirect - experiences about this tram infrastructure.

The vanished progress of the Chianti's tramway was the starting point to open a discourse about how dreams and ambitions connected to the concept of 'popular' changed during the course of recent history.

Following the tramway's path, SVAT platform wants to be a tool to talk about memory of infrastructures in the passage between analogic and digital. What's the relationship between physical transport of goods and people and the transport of information in the digital era? Can we think about a slow-web, in contrast with the paradigms of velocity and immediacy that characterise our lives? Can we retrieve a little documented past? Which values, which critical issues and which lessons can we learn from an infrastructure that lived for over 40 years?



Photo: Silvia Piantini


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